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Shobdle - Bengali Wordle Game

Shobdle | শব্দল – All You Need to Know About Wordle’s Bengali Cousin

Founder and CEO of Devs Core

Mohammad Ashraful Islam

28 February 2022

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Shobdle was developed to honor International Mother Language Day - 2022.

Shobdle is a Bengali version of Wordle, the internet’s trendiest game now. In 2022, Wordle became the craze of the online world, drawing in millions of players daily. The game was developed by Josh Wardle in October, 2021. This game was breaking internet traffic in 2022 because of its 5-minute brain teaser strategy. Devs Core, a software company based in Bangladesh, developed Shobdle to honor the International Mother Language Day – 2022.

How do you play Shobdle?

Shobdle gives you 7 chances to guess a Bengali word, the word of the day. The word has to be a word that fits in 4 blocks. There are 5 different colors to let you know how close your guess is. After each try, the blocks change color to either green (correct letter/consonant cluster/diacritics combo, correct block), yellow (correct letter/consonant cluster/diacritics combo, incorrect block), blue (some part of the letter/consonant cluster/diacritics combo is incorrect, correct block), pink (some part of the letter/consonant cluster/diacritics combo is incorrect, incorrect block), or black (not in the word). Once successfully completed, the player can share the results as a text of emoji squares copying it directly from the share option.

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Players select the letters of the Bengali alphabet from the virtual keyboard and when they are done with all 4 tiles press Enter. The game checks if the word matches with the word of the day or not. If you can match the word within those 7 chances then you win.

This game can be played by people of all ages. Even a child can play this game. There is no age restriction. So, if a person can read and write Bengali, she/he can play this game, though you should keep it in mind that guessing Bengali words can be quite challenging.

Where to play Shobdle?

Shobdle is only accessible online. To play this game you need to visit – 

Just go to the above link everyday to guess the word of the day. Best of luck!

Person playing Shobdle

Do you need to pay anything to play Shobdle?

No, it is totally free. This game was not published for any monetization purpose. The sole purpose of publishing this game was to bring joy to the people speaking the Bengali language all over the world. And this will remain so. Shobdle will help people enrich their Bengali vocabulary everyday.

Who developed Shobdle?

Shobdle is owned by Devs Core – A software company in Bangladesh. Devs Core team and Adib Ahmad Chowdhury jointly created the logic and gameplay strategies of Shobdle. Alif Ahsan Nibir developed the game in coordination with Devs Core.

Want to know more about Shobdle?

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Shobdle got featured in various news portals. Please read this news featured on India Today to know more about Shobdle

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  1. Jami Yaseer Rahman

    Proud to have a game like ‘Shobdle’

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    না পারলে উত্তর দেখার সুযোগ থাকলে ভালো হতো। অন্ততঃ আগের দিনেরটা।

    1. Mohammad Ashraful Islam

      উত্তর দেখার সুযোগ আছে। তবে তা ৭ বার চেষ্টা করেও না পারলে দেখানো হয়।

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    1. Mohammad Ashraful Islam

      আমরা এ ব্যাপারে দেখছি। জানানোর জন্য ধন্যবাদ।

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