Cookie Policy

Our policy regarding cookie-files

  1. We may collect information about your computer or mobile device through cookie-files. If you use our website, you agree to use cookie-files as described in this paragraph. Cookie-files are small text files, placed on your computer when you visit websites. These files give us statistic data that does not reveal your identity, but gives us information about your actions on the website, which we use to improve our services and to obtain marketing analytics. They are widely used to make websites work essentially or to make them work more effectively. Also, they provide certain information to the website owners. We use cookie-files to increase the security level, and they also help us understand changes in our Internet traffic.

    They help us improve our services and provide more effective and customized operation. They allow us to:

    • evaluate the size of our audience and the pattern of use;

    • store information about your preferences, thus allowing us to customize services according to your personal interests;

    • accelerate your search on our website;

    • identify you during your recurring visit to our website;

    • track anonymous statistical information: non-personal data may be collected on our behalf with the help of cookie-files, log file data and a code, embedded in our sites by special third party partners, to help these selected third parties deliver relevant advertisements to you.

    We use this non-personal information in order to improve quality of services and information provided to you. When you open sections of our website, a cookie-file with a session ID is placed in your computer, and this file is stored there only during the visit to the website. We also place permanent cookie-files (also known as local areas of data storage) in our users’ computers in order to remember them and, thus, facilitate and accelerate the website interaction process.

  2. Cookie-files management and their deletion

    You have a choice: whether or not to accept cookie-files, and below we will explain, how you can exercise this right. You may block cookie-files using several methods:

    Besides, you may block cookie-files by changing the browser settings so that cookie-files from this website cannot be placed in your computer or mobile device. To do this, follow the instructions, offered in your browser application (usually they are located in sections “Settings” or “Privacy”). When you disable a cookie-file or a category of cookie-files, they are not deleted from your browser so you will have to delete them by yourself.

    To receive additional information regarding cookie-files (to see what cookie-files were installed in your device and how they can be managed or deleted), please visit and

  3. What cookie-files are used and the reasons of their use on this website

    The full review of cookie-files’ functions and the reasons of their use is provided below, though over time they may change, so it is important for you to occasionally visit this page and learn about them:

    1. Analytics and research

      We use information, collected by Google Analytics, to make reports and improve the website navigation. Cookie-files collect information in anonymous form, including the number of website visitors, data regarding from where visitors come to the website and what pages they visit. You may unsubscribe from Google Analytics here.

    2. Security and integrity of the website

      We may use cookie-files and other methods, for example, CAPTCHA, for purposes of the security of the website and our users, to protect the website from scamming and spam attacks, thus preserving privacy of your data.

    3. Website capabilities and services

      We also use cookie-files to provide interaction with other resources: links to other social networks, their plugins, providing you the possibility to share content from our website with the social network. In some cases, the site’s capability, chosen by you, may allow a third party to place cookie-files or local storage areas in your computer. The third party that places cookie-files in your device is responsible for its data processing, that’s why you always should read its Privacy Policy. Third parties, who place cookie-files in your device when you use our website, include Twitter and Facebook – in this case the clauses of their own Privacy Policy are applicable.

    4. Performance

      We have to use certain cookie-files and local storage areas in order to provide our users with the highest possible level of interaction, for example, providing assistance in site navigation, fast page loading and real-time response on your requests regarding our services.

    5. Providing advertisements and advertisement offers based on user’s behavior (behavioral advertisement)

      We use cookie-files that help us understand, what kind of advertisement might be interesting for you. These cookie-files contain information regarding only your computer – they do not store any personal information about you (i.e. they are not connected to you as a person). However, they may store information about other websites that you have visited, so that we may show you advertisement that suits your interests.

      In order to obtain additional information regarding this type of behavioral advertisement in the Internet, regarding cookie-files and regarding the way to disable this option, please visit and choose your country.

      We offer you to have a look at a number of services we use, and learn how you can manage these cookie-files. This list is not complete and may change. Please, visit to actively manage cookie-files in your device.

      Please, note that disabling advertisement cookie-files does not mean that you will not be offered advertisements at all, it only means that offered advertisement will not take your interests into consideration.