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  • 3 totally free software that can help you automate 30% of your operations.
  • 5 secret tips on how to navigate software industry and uncover hidden offers for institutions like yours.
  • Which software/automation tool will make your students/members happy and give you proper control.
  • 3 most common mistakes which destroys the dream of becoming "SMART Institution" & stops tech adoptation totally.
  • How you can easily shift from current chaotic work life situation into an organized institution admin team using institution software within 6 months.

Plus, we will give you access to our exclusive Master Institution Strategy which has helped people just like you to go from everyday admin to smart & efficient leader.

Who Needs Such 'Institution Software / App'?

Institution President in load of work without institutional software
  • Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of manual tasks, struggling to keep up with the demands of managing your vast membership/students?
  • Have the voices of your members/students echoing for change grown too loud to ignore?
  • Is the daunting task of embracing smart technologies paralyzing your progress?
  • Worried that your legacy systems are crumbling under the dynamic demands of your organization's activities?
  • Are concerns about diminishing membership numbers and eroding community satisfaction keeping you up at night?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to any questions above, you’ve taken the first step by acknowledging these pivotal challenges. Now, let’s introduce you to a groundbreaking solution that’s crafted with your unique needs in mind. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing you have the power to transform how you engage with your members/students and streamline your operations.


What's the Solution?

Member Management Portal - Devs Core

Member Onboarding & Management Software

E-Learning Portal - Devs Core

E-Learning Software

Journal Publication Software

Journal Publication Software

Event Management Software

Event Management Software

Portfolio Website - Devs Core

Portfolio Website


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Most Asked Questions by Institutions' Admins

  • What is a Member Management Portal?

    A Member Management Portal is a comprehensive management software designed for institutions, schools, colleges, NGOs, and other organizations. It streamlines the management of member data, engagement, and communication, ensuring a more organized and efficient operation.

  • How can institution software like a Member Management Portal benefit my school or organization?

    An institution software provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of your organization, from student or member records to communication tools. It enhances operational efficiency, improves member engagement, and facilitates better decision-making through data analytics.

  • Can a Member Management Portal be integrated with our existing school website or school portal?

    Yes, we can build your Member Management Portal to seamlessly integrate with your current school website or portal, enhancing its functionality and providing a more cohesive user experience for your members and administrators.

  • What features does your organization management software offer?

    As we build custom Organization/Institution Management software, the features will be the way you want. Usually, it contains feature such as member registration and database management, event scheduling and management, communication tools, payment processing, and reporting and analytics, among others.

  • How can a management software improve communication within our institution?

    Management software includes built-in communication tools such as email, newsletters, and notification systems, which facilitate efficient and timely communication between the administration, members, and students, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.

  • Is a Member Management Portal suitable for all types of educational institutions and organizations?

    Absolutely! That is the wonder of custom software development. We will customize the management portal to meet the specific needs of your institution and organization, including schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, clubs, and associations.

  • How secure is our data within the school portal or member management system?

    We prioritize data security and privacy in our every development and obviously in the school portal and member management system which we will build for you. The platform will be equipped with advanced security measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect your institution's and members' sensitive information.

  • Can the Member Management Portal handle large numbers of members or students?

    Yes, we will build the portal to scale and efficiently manage large databases of members or students, making it ideal for institutions and organizations with 10k+ members or students.

  • Can we build a mobile app as well with the Member Management Portal for our members?

    Yes of course, we can build a mobile app for your members/students as well. They can interact with the management portal using that app directly. 

  • How can we get started with implementing this management software in our institution?

    Getting started is easy. Simply schedule an online meeting with our team by Clicking Here, and we'll guide you through the consultation, customization, and implementation process, ensuring the software meets your specific needs and is up and running smoothly. 

  • Are there any training or support services available after the development of Member Management Portal?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive training for your staff and ongoing support services to ensure you maximize the benefits of your Member Management Portal and address any questions or issues that may arise.