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Most Asked Questions From Industries

  • Can Devs Core integrate payment gateways into our existing e-commerce platform?

    Yes, we specialize in integrating a wide range of payment gateways into existing e-commerce platforms, enhancing your online store's functionality and user experience.

  • How can Devs Core's software solutions support member institutions in adopting member management software?

    We build fully tailor-made solutions which fits within your institution's operational methods with features like student/member management, event scheduling, and journal publication platforms.

  • Does Devs Core offer solutions for waste management and recycling industries?

    Absolutely, we provide comprehensive waste management and recycling solutions, including inventory and materials tracking, eco-coins & rewarding platforms with analytics, and compliance and regulatory management software.

  • What HR solutions does Devs Core provide for managing a remote workforce?

    We offer a range of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) solutions tailored for remote workforce management, including payroll management, time and attendance tracking, and talent acquisition and applicant tracking systems.

  • Can Devs Core help financial institutions with data analytics and financial management software?

    Yes, we build financial management software and data analytics platforms which are designed to meet the complex needs of the finance sector, providing robust tools for data analysis, reporting, and financial oversight.

  • How does Devs Core address the software needs of the healthcare industry?

    We offer a suite of healthcare software solutions, including Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical billing, pharmacy management, and patient engagement systems, all designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare services.

  • Can Devs Core develop property management software for the real estate industry?

    Our property management solutions for the real estate industry include features like virtual tours, property marketing tools, real estate valuation, and analytics and reporting to streamline operations and enhance property management.

  • How can Devs Core's IoT solutions benefit our business?

    Our IoT solutions encompass device management, data analytics, and visualization, as well as connectivity protocols and database management, tailored to streamline operations and enhance data-driven decision-making.

  • What FinTech solutions does Devs Core offer for modern banking needs?

    We specialize in FinTech solutions such as currency exchange platforms, neo-banking systems, bank transfers using bank APIs, AML integration, and KYC processes to meet the evolving needs of the financial industry.

  • How does Devs Core approach ongoing software maintenance and updates for its clients' applications?

    Devs Core adopts a proactive approach to software maintenance, ensuring that your applications remain efficient, secure, and up-to-date. To check our Maintenance Packages please visit: https://devs-core.com/maintenance/


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