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Maintenance Team Foils SQL Injection Attack on Client's Website

Maintenance Team Foils SQL Injection Attack on Client’s Website

Founder and CEO of Devs Core

Mohammad Ashraful Islam

30 December 2022

Devs Core is a software development company that provides enterprise software and effective solutions for managing business operations and customer relations. As a maintenance-focused company, Devs Core is committed to ensuring the smooth performance of their clients’ websites. However, when a client’s website was hacked by a SQL injection attack, Devs Core’s maintenance team had to take swift action to recover the site and prevent further damage.

Problem statement

After five months of successful operation, Devs Core’s maintenance team discovered that their client’s website was experiencing performance issues and had been hacked by a SQL injection attack. The attack had resulted in the insertion of irrelevant pages and posts on the site, and the website was taking longer to load than usual.


To address the problem, Devs Core’s maintenance team took the following steps:

  • They downloaded the source code of the website and searched for any suspicious changes made by an unauthorised administrator.
  • They identified and removed external links that were being called every time someone accessed the website.
  • They deleted the posts and pages created by the unauthorised administrator from the MySQL database of the website.


The maintenance team used Visual Studio Code and the cPanel of the client’s website to access the source code and database, respectively.


As a result of the maintenance team’s efforts, the client’s website was recovered from the SQL injection attack and returned to normal operation. The client was unaware of the attack and was relieved that their brand reputation had not been compromised.


Devs Core’s swift and effective maintenance efforts were able to save their client’s website from a potentially damaging attack. The incident highlighted the importance of regular maintenance and the need for effective input validation methods to prevent such attacks in the future.


Based on this experience, Devs Core recommends implementing input validation methods in all forms and search fields to prevent similar attacks in the future.

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